Staff at the Arms

We have quite a lot of staff to look after you at the Arms …

Owen Corbie

Owen Corbie – that’s me. I’m guardian to the place. We don’t have owners here, the Land owns herself but she does like to have guardians. She asked me to come here and work with her a very long time ago. I’m Yardoz and Loegr born – Loegr’s the country we live in here on the planet Yardoz. I’m tall, dark, handsome and single … and intend to remain that way! I love female company and am in a relationship with my housekeeper, more about her later. I’m befriended by a raven and several cats, including a white and tabby job called Isolde who is addicted to goat’s milk, more on her later in the Bestiary section. My Familiar is a raven, called  Corbie.

Morgan – housekeeper. A dark, Celtic, and very pretty woman, Morgan just about comes up to Owen’s chin if she stands on a brick, on tiptoe. He’s a good six-foot-six in his socks. However everyone at the Arms is in shock-n-awe of her, she rules the roost, even the Arms itself is polite to her. She has a wicked tongue and sense of humour, and a searing sarcasm. Her Familiar is a crow called Coronee.

Drwyn – short-order-chef. Drwyn is a gnome, a very short gnome with a very short temper. He is a superb cook. He also has a very kind heart and often takes pity on guests who get lost in or out of the Arms. His porridge is to die for. He keeps a pot going 24/7 so you can have some any time of the day or night. His coffee is also excellent and he makes a mean banana cake. He has no especial Familiar but spiders love him, he has lots of trouble stopping them dropping off his beard into the soup. In fact, it’s said that the ageless joke … “Waiter, what is this fly doing in my soup? Breast-stroke, sir.” is a misquotation of something that happened to Drwyn. This may be apocryphal.

  • Drwyn means “knowing of the Oak” and is another term for Druid.

Tyler – ostler. Tall, thin, bony, skinny, long indeterminate-coloured hair, long fingers, soft voiced … that’s just a beginning of Tyler. No-one knows where he comes from, he’s never said. He has a way with all beasties from the smallest mouse to the largest dragon – all of whom have, on a time, graced his stables. He lives with a pair of tawny owls who regularly bring up their chicks on the ledge over his bed.

Art – pot-man. Art is about 5’8”; thin, wizened, twisted, gnome-like features, very long fingers; straggly brown hair and pale eyes which are sometimes blue and sometimes silver, looks human but nobody believes he is. Art is a strange being, can sometimes friendly in a quiet, shy way but often appears surly; sometimes breaks into smiles for no apparent reason. He has a brilliant singing voice and knows many songs from many lands all around the known universe. All creatures will come to him and trust him. He’s never been seen in a fight but people who have been foolish enough to insult him have appeared later looking much the worse for wear and are quite unwilling to talk about it. Familiar: a Mouse which talks to him but is often silent; a good messenger.

Dryw – Stable Boy and Fixer. Dryy is a s mall, dark boy of apparently sixteen or so.His orogins are probably of the Keltoi people, judging from his appearance – very black, curly hair, dark blue eyes, thin, wiry, short stature and incredible deftness. Cats  and birds like him, especially his namesake wren, and are usually aorund when he is. He slouches a lot and seems to live in the barn on the other side of the stableyard.He’s a wizard with anything electronic or anything that works with the electromagnetic spectrum. Also a superb fixer when things go wrong. He has terrible manners and lost a front tooth at some time, nobody knows how or why. Owen found him on the Moor and invited him to come live and work at the Arms. They get along fine, Owen knows him to be a Wren-Boy, a magic one.

Dryw means wren, a species common and well-known throughout northern Yardoz. It is a small bird with reddish-brown feathers and a short tail normally held upright. It eats insects and hunts in rock crevices. The latin name Troglodytes means a “cave resident “. Wrens are very common, even high in the mountains.


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