Place Names

Pronunciation in italics:

Basics – “c” is always hard, like “k”; words are usually shortened.

Note – A combe is a steep-sided valley, called “coomb” or “cwm” in other lands; “combe” is pronounced “coom” with an aspirated “b”.

Badgeworthy Lees – Badgery: a moor covered in standing stones and stone rows;

Barle river


Brockwell – badger’s well; Brockell

Buckethole Farm (say it very fast, missing the “h”, like Buckytole

Chibbet Hill

Cloud Farm and Allotment – an allotment is common land often used for market gardening

Cloutsham Ball – clouts – ham; ball is a rounded hill;

Dumbledeer Copse – NO relation to Harry Potter !!!

Dun Keri – Doon Kery; the high mountain behind the Shapeshifters Arms, mean’s Keri’s high stronghold; Keri is the goddess of the land.

Foxhole Combe – Coom

Hawkecombe & Hawkridge – Hockum and Hockridge

Honeybeetle Cross – honeybittle

Hoar Oak Tree & Ladywell Springs – high up near Pinkworthy Pond on Woodbarrow Hangings the source of the Hoaroak Water (streams are often called “water”)

Kylbone, an ancient sacred spring, the White Hart (stag) lives here

Luccombe – in this case combe is pronounced “cumb”, with an aspirated “b” – Luck-um

Mounsey castle – an ancient tump or man-made mound

Mouseberry Stones – mousebry

Muxworthy Lane – mux-erry

Oakbeer wood – called for the beer made there at Buckethole Farm

Pinkworthy Pond – pinkery; source of the Barle river

Robin Howe – how; ancient barrow

Sloecombe Road – slowcum; called for the sloe trees (blackthorn) which line it

Syds Wood – sides

Wimbleball lake

Withypool – pool of the willows

Woodbarrow Hangings


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