Muxworthy's Brew House

Muxworthy’s is the family name of the brewers of the Domain of Dumnonia. We, the family Muxworthy, live at Buckethole Farm, down under Mole’s Chamber and Withy Circle, on past the Tarr Dragon’s bridge. Tis a nice little combe, hid away but close on the Barle Water up from Withypool.

The household consists of …

Jem Muxworthy that’s me, the brewer

Alys Muxworthythat be my wife and she be the power behind the throne!

Our sons – Tom, Dick and Harry – and our daughter Olwen, an’ she be the prettiest lass you could ever see.

Yere at Muxworthy’s we be a friendly, family-run brewery what cares about real ales, real pubs and real people. We do a lot o’ trade with Owen up at the Shapeshifters.

We’m right passionate about cask-conditioned ales. Our collection goes from the rightever-popular light golden beer, Ratspee. Tis very good of a morning an you serve it cold. Then there’s the Black Gold, our 9% stout, what’ll put hair on yer chest. All our brews use nowt but the best locally ingredients.

Our other brews be …

  • Badger’s Broth: this be a medium dark ale what has a full barley-flavour and we always make sure it has a good spike of hops. It goes down smooth and easy, and b’aint too strong at around 5% on a good day with a following wind.
  • Hedgehog Treacle: this be a very dark, sticky, treacly ale what paints yer throat with delight and goes on all the way down into your stomach. It do have a hint of honeyed heather in it. Tis quite strong at a good 6-7% usually, provided none o’ they lads messes with it.
  • Otter Spraint: this be a lovely sweet, black ale with the musty flavour of the scent of new hay and a touch of chocolate – leastways so Alys do tell me and I allers trusts her nose. Tis very insidious like, slides down so you don’t notice … not until you try to stand up. The Spraint is made up special like for the hunting season.

Barle River at Withypool

The brewery is ensconced in the old stable block at Buckethole Farm and to the south side of the farm be the river. We does use the Barle Water, but we work mostly with the stream that comes down from Oakbeer Wood for the ale-making.

We’ve recently begun a still … I’ll be tellin’ ‘ee more on that later

an old drawing of the inside of the brewery

Customers do ask on occasion how we do make the beer. Yere be a few words on the ol’ way of brewing:

  1. We soaks the Malted Barley in hot water as that do let loose the malt sugars.
  2. Then this yere  solution of thicky ol’ malt sugar be boiled with the Hops like, for to get the seasoning.
  3. We cools down the solution an’ then we adds yeast and the fermentation begins. This all ferments the sugars, and lets off the carbon-dioxide along with the ol’ ethyl alcohol.
  4. After the main fermentation is done, we bottles the beer and puts in just a wee bit o’ extra sugar just to make it a bit more light an’ airy like.

It do all sound pretty simple, don’t it? But there do be a helluva lot in it and you do have to work with the spirits in all the senses to make a good brew, and that takes lifetimes o’ practice.  Brewing is an art as well as a science. We Muxworthys be very damned good at it here at the Buckethole Farm. We invite you all to take a pint with us.


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