Food & Drink

Specialities of the Arms

  • Single malts, especially smokies
  • Brandy, Cognac, Armagnac, Ports and other fortified wines
  • Superb red, white and rose wines
  • Home-brewed, specialist beers and ales
  • Various forms of Lifewater
  • Home-made ginger beer, lemonade and cordials
  • Machu Pichu coffee from Terra
  • Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong. Russian Caravan and other speciality teas from Terra
  • Hand fished salmon and trout
  • Line caught sea fish
  • Fresh wild rabbit, squirrel and pigeon
  • Wild boar and venison
  • Biodynamic home-reared poultry and eggs
  • Biodynamic home-grown vegetables
  • Biodynamic home-reared cattle, sheep and goats
  • Home reared and cured ham, bacon and sausages as well as pork
  • Cheeses, cream, yoghurt & milk from cattle, goats and sheep grazing the surrounding moors. All made locally in neighbouring farms.

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