The Shapeshifters' Arms

A map of where the Shapaeshifter’s is. The countryside is wild moorland overlooked by the mountain of Dun Keri and at the head of a valley that leads down to the Iwyrydd estuary. the river valleys are heavily wooded whereas the hills are wild, windswept heather and peat moors. It’s very beautiful and sparsely populated, a place to go to speak with nature and the spirit of the Land.

Dumnonia Domain: where the Shapeshifters is

A domain is an area under the guardianship of a particular Spirit of Place and a Tribe who guards it for that spirit.

The people of Dumnonia, the Dumnonii, are called so because the name means “deep valley dwellers”. It also means “people of the land” coming from the word n alternative derivation is from the  word Domhnain which means “land”, spirit of the Land. The Dumnonii are an ancient people, one of the first to appear on Yardoz. The land is especially magical and the haunt of many wyzards.


Map of the planet Yardoz.

Yardoz is a planet circling the double-star of Sirius.


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