Owen Corbie

This is me … Owen Corbie is my name. I keep the Shapeshifters’ Arms in the domain of the Dumnonii down in the southlands of Prydein.

I’m friend and colleague to Jimson who keeps the Wolf’s Head Tavern, far in the northlands of Prydein.

We are a pair of Innkeepers, made from the same cloth but not brothers. The Shapeshifters is down in the south of the country, t’other end of the land from Jimson. it’s wild around here and I’m fairly wild too. We keep a good house, good food, local ales and wines from all over. the house if very rambling, many staircases and secret doors, corners, hard to find your way.

The house itself is sentient, alive, it knows who you are and will ensure you get the food and drink you want, for instance. The staff know this, we all work together. You’ll be getting the hang of this as we go along.


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